Muhannad Qadri Kalbouneh

Mobile Value Added Services

Mobile Value Added Services is a telecom services which provided by the mobile network operators other than the standard mobile voice and video call services to the mobile customers and usually referred by Mobile VAS, however the Voice and Video calls categorized as Mobile Core Services The mobile VAS supplying extra useful services for subscribersm with extra cost

  The Mobile VAS categories:

  1. Content and Entertainment Services
  2. Messaging Services
  3. Data Services
  4. Voice Services
  5. Infrastructure Services
  6. Commerce Service
  7. Roaming Services

1-Content and Entertainment is one of the primary revenue streams in VAS and the customer preference can use the service and will pay extra, the content service can be provided among all other categories, it can be for enterprise or personal use, it can be standard or premium, the mobile content can be provided over a mobile WAP /web portal, SIM Applet, download ring tones, download videos and songs, SMS /MMS message contents, Mobile Applications, Mobile Health, etc

2-Messaging Services which provides a simple communications tool and the primary service is the Short Messaging Service-SMS, then the Multimedia Messaging Service MMS and Bulk SMS Advertisement, Short SMS Codes and Cell Broadcast Services CBS, etc,

3-Data Services which provides the subscriber full internet access on the handset, on top of the mobile data service a lot of operator VAS applications provided to the subscribers, Geographical Location Based Service LBS and Location Based Marketing, Mobile Applications, Mobile TV Streaming Services, Mobile Operator Web Portal, BlackBerry Services, etc

4-Voice Services which provides the extra value to existing standard video and voice calls, record the Voice and Video calls in personalized mailbox, forward a notification for any missed call -Missed Call Notice, Ring Back Tone etc

5-Infrastructure Services which provides the support to enable the noted VAS categories, the Mobile Device Configurations Management Service used to enable the Mobile Device to access data services and the SIM Card Configurations Service to manage the SIM cards, etc

6- Mobile Commerce which provides the mobile banking and payments

7- Roaming Services which enables the subscribers to keep using their mobile services while traveling to other country or using other mobile network operators network